Wordsmith Frequently Asked Questions

I'm using the iPad Wordsmith Pro version and I can't drag my tiles from the tile rack, what should I do?
Version 1.3.2 has this problem which only occurs on an iPad on the pro version. Please uninstall then download version 1.3.3 or higher.
I'm getting an error on my iPhone/iPad that says "The operation couldn't be completed (Cocoa error 133020)", how do I fix it?
This is a problem with writing to the phone's storage. If you uninstall the application completely and then download it again from the App Store, the message should go away. Just make sure you log back in with the same username and password and your games will be restored.
I am using Wordsmith Lite on the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and sometimes I get updates, but they aren't pushed to me when the app isn't running. What steps can I take to try to fix it?
There were a couple bugs in the server that was storing the incorrect state for being able to send push notifications. This affected the Lite version only. You can "reset" push notification information. To do this in iOS 5.0 or higher you can first go to the home screen. Then double press the home button (physical button). This will show a list of recent apps. Find the Wordsmith icon and press and hold on it for 3 seconds until a minus sign icon shows in the upper right corner. Then press the minus sign. That will force close the application. Now go into the Settings app on your phone. Press "Notifications" and then press on Wordsmith. Inside there turn all of the toggles to OFF (Notification center, Badge App Icon, Sounds, and View in Lock Screen). Then turn them back to the ON position. Now start Wordsmith back up and it should resync it's push notification information with the server. Similar steps can be done in iOS 4.x, but the Settings app portion has different settings to turn off/on.
When I try to upgrade Wordsmith on the Market I keep getting an error that says "Package file was not signed correctly". How do I fix this?
You cannot install Wordsmith from Amazon Appstore then update on the Market or you will get this error. The solution is to either update the application on Amazon or uninstall Wordsmith then reinstall on the Market. If you choose to reinstall then log in as the same username/password to save your games.
When I start Wordsmith I see a message that says and Upgrade is required, what do I do?
Upgrades are free even if you originally purchased it. Just visit the original place you got Wordsmith from (either the Amazon Appstore or the Android Market) and find Wordsmith and download an update. Note that if you've installed it from Amazon, you can't upgrade on the Market or you will get the error that says "Package file was not signed correctly." So if you find that you are getting errors updating, just try the other location for the update.
I have Wordsmith for both Android and iOS and I'm using the same Wordsmith account on both, why do I only get push notifications on one device but not the other?
Currently we only support push notifications for one device per account. So both devices will most likely fight over who receives the push notifications. You should turn off push notifications on one of the devices.
Anytime I do anything like try to play a word I get an error saying "You could not be signed in at this time, please try again later", what should I do?
You are most likely getting this error because you are using an old version of the application that is no longer supported. Make sure you have the latest version of Wordsmith. Upgrades are free even if you purchased it. Just visit the original place you got Wordsmith from (either the Amazon Appstore or the Android Market) and find Wordsmith and download an update.